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About Paulownia
Paulownia grows rapidly, allowing it to be harvested in 10 years. In comparison, an oak tree can be harvested for lumber when it is 14-20 inches in diameter. Many hard lumber trees grow 1/2 inch in diameter a year on average, taking up to 28 years for harvest.
A Paulownia tree will not rot when it falls in a forest unless it is touching a rotting source, such as other rotted trees. This allows felled trees that have fallen naturally in the forest to be used for lumber, along with those that are harvested. Once a tree is harvested, a new Paulownia tree grows from the stump in 8 to 12 years. It is a hearty tree and very environmentally sound.

Paulownia Uses
For many years, Paulownia has been used in ornamental furniture production. It is also used to make musical instruments. Its use in construction and manufacturing has grown, especially in industries where weight is an issue, including in boats, aircraft, trucks, and trains. Paulownia wood is very light, which makes it a good choice for creating lightweight items for transportation.

Because Paulownia is able to grow rapidly and create new growth from harvested trees, limited land is needed for production. This is greatly beneficial to conserving land space. The tree's roots can reach down as far as 40 feet, helping to regulate the water table and remove wastes from the ground. The Paulownia tree has large leaves that help keep the air clean and also fertilize the soil when they drop each year.

Paulownia versus Balsa
Paulownia wood is quickly becoming more popular than Balsa due to its higher strength and weight. It can be cut thinner and still provide the same or better results than Balsa wood; in some cases the amount of Paulownia needed is about half the amount of Balsa wood that would be required. Paulownia is also much cheaper than Balsa.
About Paulownia
About Paulownia
About Paulownia
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